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Visit Historic Shiloh

Discover the remnants of a long-lost civilization and explore the site of one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War in Shiloh. The Shiloh National Military Park offers the most well-preserved battlefield in the nation, complete with over 5,000 acres, 150 monuments, 200 cannons, and 650 historic tablets. The visitor center includes a collection of artifacts as well as an orientation film. If you visit Shiloh, you can get into the Tennessee River Museum in Savannah at half the price.

An Outdoor Adventure With A History Lesson

Take a walk through the on-site National Cemetery and enjoy a 13-mile self-guided tour around the battlefield. Throughout the year, park rangers lead a number of presentations, programs, tours, and hikes for visitors to the park, with a special commemorative weekend-long event for the anniversary of the Battle of Shiloh each Spring. Be sure to stop by during the warmer months to see the park’s living treasure as well, a nesting pair of Bald Eagles.

The park is also home to the remnants of a prehistoric Mississippi Mound Builder community. While the makers of the mounds are believed to have left the area around 600 years ago, visitors today can learn about the society along the 1.3-mile trail that winds through the mound complex with 13 wayside exhibits detailing life in the riverside town. Stop by the Tennessee River Museum and explore the Archaeology exhibit to learn more about this unique community.

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