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Southern Charm

A mix of charm and history, the incorporated riverside town of Saltillo offers a peaceful river lifestyle. Initially founded by Thomas Shannon in 1822, Saltillo became a shipping point just 12 miles north of Savannah. In 1842, Thomas Davy purchased Shannon’s land, naming the area Davy’s Landing. After leasing the land to Scott Terry in 1849, the town was finally given its present-day name of Saltillo. Architecture from this era stands in Saltillo to this day, including homes with Greek Revival and Italianate influences, providing a look into the lives of those who came before.

Food, Fun, Festivals!

Head out on the river from Saltillo Landing or Wilkinson Ferry Landing on the opposite bank and enjoy a day of fun and sun on the water. While you’re in town, enjoy a meal at the El Portillo Mexican restaurant. Each September, celebrate the unique heritage of Saltillo at the Saltillo River Day festival, an all-day event complete with a parade, live music, dance, vendors, and more! You can also enjoy the Tennessee River History Festival. Experience a unique and immersive event with the Tennessee River Rendezvous with reenactors from various periods showcasing their skills and crafts.

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