• Be respectful of those around you while completing the challenges.

  • No illegal parking; No trespassing while working on the scavenger hunt.

  • No inappropriate photos.

  • After you make all your 25 photos, post on Facebook by “checking in” at the Hardin County Public Library, and upload/post your pictures to the Hardin County Public Library Facebook page with #HardinCoTn200

  • Photos may be taken on different days, but they must all be posted on the same check in day.

  • You are encouraged to work in groups or teams, but all participants must upload their own photos.

  • Questions? Ask at Hardin County Library or at Tennessee River Museum.

  • All completed entries will be entered in a grand prize drawing for a Hardin County Bicentennial basket. There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.


Sponsored by the Hardin County Public Library and the Hardin County Convention and Visitors Bureau

  • Take a photo of yourself catching the catfish statue in front of the Savannah City Hall with an imaginary fishing rod.

  • Get a photo of yourself receiving an imaginary cup from the server statue in front of Ma Ma Fia’s!

  • Take a selfie with a vendor at the Savannah Farmers’ Market (open on Wednesday mornings or on Second Saturdays).

  • Take a photo of your favorite historical home in the Savannah Historic District from the sidewalk.

  • Have someone take a photo of you doing your funniest pose in front of the fountain at the Tennessee Street Park.

  • Find the first name “Harold” on the bricks at the Savannah Veterans’ Park and get a photo of it.

  • Get a photo of yourself sliding down the slide at Pickwick Landing State Park.

  • Get a picture with the tiger that watches over the Jim Carroll Stadium football field.

  • Pose in front of the wings at the Pretty N Pink Boutique.

  • Have someone take a photo of you throwing a disc at one of the Hardin County disc golf courses.

  • Get a photo of yourself bearhugging a wood carving at The Outpost.

  • Get a picture posing with a friend at the whispering pipe in the steamboat exhibit inside the Tennessee River Museum.

  • Get a selfie at the Saltillo Veterans’ Memorial with the American Flag in view.

  • Snap a photo of yourself with something old at the Crump Flea Market.

  • Get a photo holding hands with the lady of the Iowa Monument at Shiloh National Military Park.

  • Get a photo in front of the Historic Savannah Theater acting out a scene from your favorite play.

  • Take a selfie while attending a Hardin County Public Library Summer Reading Program of your choice.

  • Take a photo seated in the big Adirondack chair at Callens Realty.

  • Get a selfie that references Darryl Worley —a place, a sign, or with him!

  • Strike a pose on the deck at Hagy’s Catfish Hotel.

  • Take a selfie saluting the helicopter at Crump.

  • Find a quilt square on a barn or building along the Burnt Church Quilt Trail. Snap!

  • Standing on, floating under, or cruising past, stop and snap a shot of Arch Bridge at Olive Hill.

  • Get a photo playing Twister on the floor map inside Hardin County Courthouse…with right hand Walnut Grove; left foot Cerro Gordo.

  • Take a selfie at the Bicentennial sign on the courthouse lawn.