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Located in West Tennessee, home of Pickwick Lake and Shiloh Battlefield, Hardin County, Tenn., is the perfect place to relocate, expand, or start your new business. The county has a variety of industrial sites to choose from and industries benefit from low tax rates, progressive incentive programs, and a large available workforce. Residents of Hardin County enjoy a lower cost of living and have access to many recreational opportunities, including water activities on and around the Tennessee River and Pickwick Lake. Our residents also benefit from quality schools, which have consistently ranked above average in statewide tests.

For many industries, choosing Hardin County was a natural choice. Industries such as Packaging Corporation of America, Savannah Food Company, Design Team, Praxis, Clayton, Wise, and Tri-Matic Springs found the location, workforce, infrastructure, and resources they needed in Hardin County. From manufacturing to drones, Hardin County has a diverse industrial base and all the advantages of larger suburban areas such as quality housing and a good school system, paired with rural amenities such as low crime rate and low property taxes.

The small town atmosphere with big city advantages lets businesses take advantage of lower costs of living and still have access to resources they need. The county is less than three hours away from major markets, including Memphis, Jackson, and Nashville.

Experience Hardin County firsthand. For more information about Hardin County, contact the Savannah Industrial Development Cooperation at 731-925-8181.

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